About Marie

Hi, my name is Marie and I have a life-long passion for games.

I work as gameplay programmer on the Deus Ex franchise at Eidos Montréal.

I spend my spare time on eSports, socializing in the games industry and discovering the world.

If you wish to come in contact with me, send an email to marie@ventria.se.



Gaming is my passion and working with it has been my goal since first time I opened a PC Gamer magazine. After being introduced to our FAMICOM video game console at the age of five, I never stopped playing - only changed game. I've played countless titles (500+) in all possible genres.

Game media

My game passion led me to projects which ended up in jobs - I started reviewing games for online game sites in 2004, began to star as TV show game expert in 2007 and worked as game studio PR Manager in 2009. I continuted to star on Swedish national TV sometimes as game expert in morning shows, last time at the Battlefield 3 release.


Aside all above, I've also been into the eSport scene since 2001, mostly focusing Counter-Strike but lately also StarCraft II. In 2004-2006, after beginning as an e-sport reporter, I co-lead a female gaming organization with thousands of members. I have been project leader at gaming events, tournament head admin and partner relations manager. I've been to numerous large events such as DreamHack, usually found either onstage, hosting a competition in front of thousands of visitors or in a exhibition showcase, coordinating events. Nowadays, I'm very active in a female gaming network and attend events such as BarCraft (streamed games a sports bars, a genius concept).


The following mind map illustrates who I am and how my interests are linked through gaming.

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