Gameplay Programmer @ Eidos Montreal

I work on an unannounced project within the Deus Ex franchise, using C++ in the Dawn engine.

2014.08.11 - present

Gameplay Programmer @ Warner Bros Games Montreal

I worked on Batman Arkham Origins and one of its DLC:s, with gameplay across the whole game including but not limited to: controllers, state machine, object and character interaction, fighting systems, AI, boss fights, achievements, upgrades, gadgets, implementing sounds and plugging in animations and cinematics. All using C++ and Unrealscript in Unreal engine.

Gameplay Programmer @ Net Entertainment

Coding the gameplay (state machine, persistence, game logic) and game engine of web and mobile games, written in Java. Making prototypes and writing C# scripts in Unity. Continously refactoring and improving an alive common codebase together with several other developers. Responsible for the maintenance of live games, quickly fixing bugs that concern thousands of online players. Working agile and close with flash UI team, graphical artists, sound artists, products owners, and testers. Very engaged in design discussions. Working with test-driven environment. Using subversion, Maven (build system) and Jira. More details about my last project Scarface is available under "portfolio".

2011.04.18 - 2012.12.11

Game Platform Architecture Researcher @ bwin Games

Bwin asked themselves this question: Is there any way we can support adding third-party plug-ins to our online games? I worked close with their dev team to answer this questions and wrote a thesis about different approaches to implement support for plug-ins in software platforms.

2010.08.04 - 2010.10.31

Gameplay Programmer @ REEP in Swedish Game Awards

I was gameplay & UI programmer in my indie dev group REEP, scripting gameplay in Lua and writing engine code in C++. We were thirty people working for nine months on the 3D game SnowHard, that we participated with in the prestigious competition Swedish Game Awards 2009.

2008.10.10 - 2009.05.24

More info available under portfolio

Intern @ IBM Almaden Research Center

Researched on how to use MMORPG:s in innovative ways. I designed and coded the GUI of a WYSIWYG HUD tool (Eclipse plug-in, written in Java) that made admin panels in such games.

2008.06.23 - 2008.08.31

Game Expert @ TV Show Metro Teknik

I was starring as game expert in a Swedish TV show by the name of MetroTeknik. I was also one of the people planning the show and responsible for my part of it. Each week, I came up with new content such as graphics, video clips, interview questions for the game host, phone interviews and more.

2007.06.10 - 2007.10.10

PR Manager @ StrayCat Studios

I was working as Public Relations Manager for the game Lineage of Conquest (later renamed to Dynastica), responsible for press contacts, interviews, visitor competitions, stage performances and content in fliers, homepage and exhibition showcase at DreamHack.

2009.09.26 - 2010.01.15

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