Batman Arkham Origins

About my role: I was gameplay programmer on Batman Arkham Origins at Warner Bros Montréal. I worked closely with designers to actualize their vision. I coded gameplay across the board:

Game synopsis: Eight assassins are out to get Batman on Christmas eve, to win a 50 million dollar contract from arch antagonist Black Mask

Techniques: Unreal Engine, C++ and Unrealscript

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About: I was game server programmer at Net Entertainment when we made a game remake of the famous movie Scarface (1983). We were a team of about ten people working five months. I took very active part of design discussions. My role in the project was to make the game server which got user input sent via the thin (mostly UI) flash client. The server contained and took the request through all the logic for the game (game flow, game engine, persistance, accounting), generated a result and sent it result back to the flash client which then animated and showed it onscreen.

For this game, we made an awesome bonus game portraiting the ending shootout scene from the movie, which was a fun challenge for me working alone with the server. I made special AI algorithms that decided the best move for the player to take, and a lot of tests calculating the payout the game would give.

Synopsis: Power, Money, Women and Drugs - The World is Yours. A video slot online game portraying the movie Scarface

Techniques: Java

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About: I was gameplay programmer in my indie dev group REEP when we made the awesome 3D game SnowHard for competiting in Swedish Game Awards 2009. We were thirty people working half-time for seven months to put up the coolest snowball war game the world has ever seen.

Synopsis: Ten year old Claire is living in a snowball city, declaring war and vengeance on the evil kids that stole her last memory of her mother - a diary containing the ultimate secrets of snowball warfare.

Techniques: From my part, engine code written in C++ and gameplay implementation in Lua. We used OGRE as graphics engine.

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About: An arcade game project I started only to improve my skills in OpenGL and coding graphics engine. Still in progress. Source code availiable upon request.

Synopsis: The warp engine has shut down and you better get back to Earth soon. Fly your ship in space through six asteroid belts, each one harder than the last with asteroids moving faster and faster.

Techniques: Coded in C++ with SDL and OpenGL.




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